Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

IF natural - stormy weather 2

Arches 300 gr., 28x25 cm
It is also natural in northern germany to loose all colors in midwinter. But it is great practice on how to use a brush.

IF natural - stormy

Saunders 300 gr., 21x17 cm
Near the baltic sea days are often windy.  It is natural ;-)
Arches 300 gr., 19x9 cm

IF natural - nature on Hahnemühle

Flensburg is a nice - and faraway from everything - town at the danish border. Resident artists tend to buy their materials from catalogues: more choice, less money. So the old Künstlerbedarfsshop "Fröbelhaus" where i worshiped artists´ materials when i was a little girl gives up this section bit by bit, but they still have some articles from german companies. Whenever i am in the neighborhood i stop by and pick something i seldom need. Just for the old times. These scraps of Hahnemühle paper for trials were free, i just had to ask. I also prepared them for the courses and it looks now like it has been printed that way from Hahnemühle itself.

IF natural - preparing

Fabriano 640 gr., 18x18 cm

Fabriano 640 gr., 18x18 cm
It has been a wonderful evening when i played around with my colors to create something to show in my upcoming courses. I simply love abstract landscapes. When form and color flows i am the happiest person in the world.
And it is what watercolors are made for. And me, too, i suppose =)

Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Kolossal nett

...war der Fluglotse, der mir erlaubt hat, im Tower zu zeichnen.

Es scheint aberwitzig, dass die winzigen und so empfindlich scheinenden Sportflugzeuge es überhaupt wagen, in die Luft zu gehen, aber andererseits, es ist schon toll. Einmal konnte ich an einem Flug teilnehmen und es war grossartig. Ich habe jedes Schaukeln geliebt. Es war einfach - aufregend.

IF natural-Flugplatz Flensburg Schäferhaus

Seems to be a natural desire of mankind to do what birds can do - they make flying look much easier than it really is ;-)

Ein so herrlicher Sonntag wie dieser verdient ein ganz besonderes Ziel: den Sportflugplatz nebenan. Oder praktisch nebenan. Das Flugfeld war tabu, aber ich durfte am Rand sitzen und zeichnen. Und wie es so ist, von 4 Fliegern, die vor mir standen, fand ich den am schönsten, der als erstes wegflog.
Das ging natürlich auf Kosten der Details, aber für eine recht schnelle Skizze finde ich sie trotzdem gelungen.

Freitag, 4. April 2014

IF SURVIVAL - camouflage

Darwin postulated the thesis of the "survival of the fittest":
it is not the strength that counts. Sometimes it is just good luck and the ability to mingle with its background.

Did you spot the bird?

Quinachridone gold, cerulean blue, may green. On Fabriano HP, 640 gr/m.

Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

The hare

Adorable, isn´t he? Just sent abroad by Hirondelle from the Netherlands  to enjoy this wonderful spring here in northern Germany.
You know Hirondelle? She is an artist in many ways, paints beautiful watercolours, does stunning creative crafting and presents it all regularly on her blog. Click: Visit & enjoy!
It is not only that the necklace is so cute and charming. Hirondelle made this lovely wrapping and now i do not dare to open it. A piece of art in itself. (I never got the knack on wrapping so i am very sensitive on the theme)
You are so talented! Thanks, Hirondelle!

(You´ll find her in the blog roll below on the right.)

Montag, 10. März 2014

IF spark - feathers & eggs

With these first sparks of spring light life starts anew.

What a great combination of colours: quinachridone gold, cobalt turquoise light and cerulean blue.

When you work with values in paintings, you know that there is a suggested range from 1/very light to 10/ absence of light-black. Of course, with the darkest colour cerulean blue it is not possible to reach 10. I think i managed a 7.

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